Doing What You Love

Have you ever found yourself wondering about your future? I did. Well, I still do -everyday as a matter of fact. Initially, I created this blog for the purpose of writing self-help articles for people with all sorts of issues but now… Now I have no zeal or should I say ‘Oomph’ to write. Write freely that is. Don’t get me wrong, send me a message and I’ll try my best to help you out.

When I first started, I had lots of ideas and this perfect dream of succeeding through my blog. The reality is that you can’t make it until you put in the work. Honestly, I’m a lazy person. A lazy person who doesn’t feel to write textbook blogs anymore.

The main reason for my laziness is that I don’t enjoy it. I would find myself pondering about what to write and what exactly it is that would move a person to read or even benefit from my posts. That was depressing. Really depressing. Now if you are reading this and have reached thus far, it also means that you can relate.

The questions are: What do I have the zeal for? What is it that I love to do that won’t make me bored or depressed? What is it that I really want to do? What is my passion?

I’ve got news for you. Since I was small, I loved to act and dramatize everything. Making up stories on the spot and making it believable were my strengths and still are. Late last year and early this year I was looking tirelessly for ways to pass my time and make a few extra bucks. I did find some awesome sites that fulfilled the boredom, but it wasn’t enough. The zeal was gone. Maybe, just maybe you could say it might be depression or some form of it, but it wasn’t. I was just doing things because I had a lot of time on my hands.

Anyways, while searching the internet for online jobs and other time wasting projects, I bounced up on WATTPAD. Yes, Wattpad. The thing about this app/site is that I signed up for it before and didn’t know. Oh yes, the boredom was real. Apparently I signed up for it back in 2015. Honestly I cannot remember doing this. When I logged in last year, I started off as a reader. I read people’s books, commented and voted. I was a happy chum.

Then it struck me one day and I said, “Hey why don’t I try to write something too?” So I went with the flow and created a story. Just for the fun of it. I’m no English major and I really suck at English, but I try my best. Everyday I wrote a paragraph or two and peered at it without the thought of publishing the story. I was scared. Scared that I would be scrutinized for my poor grammar and spelling. Scared that the story wouldn’t be read or even make sense to others. Scared for everything. But one day I asked two of my best friends a simple question.

“What if I wrote a story, would you guys read it?”

That was in a group chat by the way. The moment they said Yes, I published my first chapter. That was all the motivation I needed. They downloaded the app and got to reading. Within two months, I was able to finish writing Thirty Six chapters of my first book.

Even though I didn’t get as much reads and votes as the popular writers on the app, I still had my friends and a few other supporters (including my significant other) to read it. That was all I needed to get going. Now my mind cannot stop thinking about stories. I love, love, LOVE to write stories. Now I have one completed, two ongoing and one on the way. This is me doing what I love.

What I would like you to take with you from this post, is that you can do whatever you want once you have the motivation and support. You don’t need the support of a million, you only need one. Also, if you have a childhood hobby, and still have an interest in it, why don’t you give it a go. Create a blog and write about it. Atleast it’s something you enjoy doing. Who cares if you don’t know exactly how to do it. Everything is a trial run. It is also good to listen to constructive criticism. Don’t forget to update yourself on new information that can help you to grow.

As a budding writer… Yay I can call myself this! I try to read as much books on writing stories and indulge in other novels as well. It gives me an idea what type of writing people would like to see. However, I still keep it unique. I always try to challenge myself and ask: What makes my story unique or different from the rest? Then work from there.

On another note, you’ll see a different shift in my blog posts– summaries, story ideas, short stories etc. If you are still interested in any topics feel free to send me a message.

Thank you for reading this entry. This is my first ever personal note to you guys.

If you would like to volunteer to edit any of my stories, don’t hesitate to message me.

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