Doing What You Love

Have you ever found yourself wondering about your future? I did. Well, I still do -everyday as a matter of fact. Initially, I created this blog for the purpose of writing self-help articles for people with all sorts of issues but now... Now I have no zeal or should I say 'Oomph' to write. Write… Continue reading Doing What You Love

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Manipulative Egotist

Who are you to control me? Who are you to lie? Who are you to belittle me? Who are you to pry? You think you're great, but You're just a monster with A face pretty and a pretty smile But what if I run... Run away from your left-hand side? Will you come after me?… Continue reading Manipulative Egotist

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Managing Finances

Though I'm no major financial advice giver, I can share some personal points on ways to manage your income to help you build a new home, travel, invest and simply live day by day. Living Day by Day Income is something we all look forward to. It is the force that drives our every day… Continue reading Managing Finances


Romance Novel – It Does Not Take Two

"It Does Not Take Two" <----Click Here If you're looking for a nice interracial mature romance book, head on over to my Wattpad page. It is filled with drama and surprises to keep you turning the page and asking for more. The story is about a young woman, Leila Clarke who is torn between two… Continue reading Romance Novel – It Does Not Take Two

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Playing it Cool – Responding to Your Boss in the Midst of an Argument

Have you ever been in a heated argument with your boss? Did you do something you believed was right but your boss found an issue with it? Did your boss do something to irk you? Are you on the verge of "letting your boss have it"? Chances are you have experienced one or more of… Continue reading Playing it Cool – Responding to Your Boss in the Midst of an Argument


Are you a victim of facial insecurities?

Why do people spend so much time, effort, and money to make their faces look good? Why do other people hide their faces altogether? What do doctors have to do with it? via Facing the World — Psychology Today - Sex Take a look at this article, and figure out whether you see yourself in… Continue reading Are you a victim of facial insecurities?


The Journey Begins

Thanks for visiting! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton   I love to write Fictional Stories that highlight the struggles men and women face everyday. I compose Romance and Chick-lit Novels filled with drama to keep everyone satisfied every time. Join me on my writing journey to help… Continue reading The Journey Begins